Access to our clinic

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Mizuha Medical Corporation YASUHARA DENTAL CLINIC
2-1-10, hayashizaki-cho, akashi-shi,
HYOGO-JAPAN zip.6730033 [Parking lot equipment]
phone 078-926-3511 / facsimile 078-926-3501
JR and a city bus From the bottom of the JR “Akashi-Station” east side guard, please take the one bus for “Fujie” and get off at a bus stop “hayashi-jinja-mae”
(It is 0 minute from a bus stop.)
Sanyo-railway It is on foot 6 minutes from the “hayashizakimatsuekaigan-station”.
shinkansen It is about 5 minutes by the JR “the Nishi-Akashi station” to taxi.
Car It is 10 minutes from the highway “daini-Shinmei” Tamatsu-interchange.